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Monday, June 26, 2017

This work is REAL

Well that was a wrap to another incredible week in Romania!

This was the first full week of being a missionary in Bucharest. I thought I had a grip on the Bucharest life, since I had served in Otopeni (just north of Buc), but boy was I wrong! This city is gargantuan, people everywhere, so many blocks, and you could basically stay on the metro for a whole day and still not make it to every stop! 
New companion - Elder Bontempo


To be honest, the first couple of days were daunting, not really knowing what my role is as a zone leader, trying to get a feel for the members here, and figuring out how in the heck am I going to contact basically all day everyday! Just when my stress level was getting a little out of hand, we ran away to a beautiful city in south Romania called Craiova. 
Taken out the train window on the way to Craiova

Boy was it nice to be back in my home! I felt like a native, seeing people who I know, going to the same covrigi stands, trying to speak in olteneste, etc. I got to spend a whole day with Elder Krieger as we did exchanges. 
My brother, Elder Kreiger

Even though it had only been a couple days from not seeing him, it was so great to be reunited and get into our flow that we  had perfected. The day was spent preparing for one of the biggest days of my mission... Mirela's baptism!!!!

It was kind of surreal that there was going to be a baptism. We got the font all ready, designed some really cute programs, organized a musical number, etc. I was feeling a little nervous, but mostly just in anxiety for Mirela. This was the next step for her and one would change her life forever. It brought me a lot of peace as she told me that she knows she is ready.
The baptism programs we designed

The baptismal service was incredible. The spirit was there and Mirela was glowing. We had a little photoshoot before the service and then it began with a talk that I gave on baptism. 
Portable baptismal font

Mirela entering the waters of baptism

After the talk, we went to the transportable font and preformed the sacred ordinance of baptism by the authority of Jesus Christ. What  a miracle it was to have the opportunity to baptize someone into the church of Jesus Christ... it was a surreal moment, my joy was truly full! 
Right before Mirela got baptized

As I reflected on the actual act of baptism, I realized that the actual act of baptism wasn't what made that experience so amazing, but it was the road that Mirela took to get there that made it so sweet! We spent three months with her preparing her for not just this moment, but her life after baptism. Mirela truly changed from a not-so-confident woman who lacked purpose, to a daughter of God who is coming to understand her purpose in life, and is ready to continue to follow the Savior's example. 

It has truly been a miracle to see how not only this woman has changed so much for the better because of her commitment to live the gospel of Jesus Christ, but how her decision has blessed so many other's lives. Mirela's daugther, Emilia is headed to England at the end of the summer and to see how much their relationship between them has strengthened because of Mirela's new outlook on life is just heart-warming to see. 
Mirela and her daughter

A scripture came to mind as I was pondering about how amazing the past three months were in seeing not only Mirela, but so many others come unto Christ.

Alma 26:31 Now behold, we can look forth and see the fruits of our labors; and are they few? I say unto you, Nay, they are many; yea, and we can witness of their sincerity, because of their love towards their brethren and also towards us.

This opportunity to see Mirela enter the waters of baptism is truly a gift from God and I am truly thankful that I could witness seeing the gospel truly change the life of one of His precious children. Truly, my joy is full and what a miracle to look back and see the fruits of my labors! Whether we can or cannot see them all the time, I know that the Lord blesses those who keep his commandments and strive to be witnesses of Him at all time and in all places. 

Fun photoshoot prior to baptism

I am so excited to continue this great work in Bucharest and continue to help others come unto Christ, for this is my joy full!

I love each and everyone of you. Thank you for your prayers and support!

All my love,

Varstincul Ditto

I LOVE Romania!!!


  1. Your photos are always so beautiful! I can see why you love Romania so much - so much beauty!! This was such an emotional email for me - I'm so happy for Mirela, and for you! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Elder Ditto, this was an amazing blog post! When I started reading I wondered if the baptism was really going to happen, then I saw the picture of you in the font, helping Mirela down the steps, and my heart leapt into my throat and tears came to my eyes. You are an amazing instrument in the Lord's hands, Elder Ditto. (And you're not too bad with a camera, my friend!)

  3. I also have grown to love Mirela as I have seen her through your eyes. She is an amazing woman and the Lord will use her as an instrument in his His hands--if she follows His guidance. I feel strongly that God sent you to this far away land for her and that you knew one another before this earthly life.
    Love you, Mirela and Romania.