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Elder Alex McLean Ditto

Romania/Moldova Mission
Bdul. Primaveril Nr. 19-21 Et.1 #13
Sector 1
011972 Bucharest

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day Phone Call

Mom's hijacking Elder's Ditto blog to post a bit about our wonderful Mother's Day video call.
So wonderful to see this face we love!

The rest of the Ditto bunch on Mother's Day
Elder Ditto and his companion singing "Joseph Smith's First Vision"

A few notes from our video call:

-all of Elder Ditto's clothes are crusty as they have a washer but nobody has a dryer.  He sent home a pair of Darn Tough socks that literally fell apart.  The socks have a life time warranty so I'm sending them in for replacement.

-Alex sent home a special candle that everyone owns and uses as Easter time.  Easter is very important in Romania.  A representative from all the Eastern European countries go to Jerusalem and light a candle from Christ's tomb.  This flame is then brought back to each country and all the church's go to that flame and light a candle from that flame.  Then all the community members go to the local churches and light their personal candle and take it home.

-He feels he has been blessed with the Gift of Tongues when he is speaking with people.  He is still struggling with the language and has to think a lot.  He doesn't feel 100% fluent and is a little apprehensive about training a new companion as he is still learning the language himself.  

-His man-made ear has not gotten infected [big blessing].  He can't hear out of it so he makes sure he is always on the right-hand side of his companion so he can hear his companion talk.  He said that Romanians love to go for walks and this can be challenging for him to catch all of what they are saying so he has to make sure he listens really hard.  When on public transportation he can hardly hear a thing.

-He loved being with Elder Miller in his last transfer.  Alex said that he was already very comfortable with the culture when Alex came to train him (he was his second trainer) but he was not confident in talking.  Alex helped encourage him to open his mouth.  

-Training in Bucharest was exhausting. It is about a three hour train ride and then he was there for three days attending trainings and picking up his new companion. He is excited to have the opportunity to train a brand new companion out of the MTC and from Australia.  He was impressed with Elder Kreiger not being afraid to open his mouth and try to speak in Romanian.

-He's excited to be getting a new mission president this summer.  He said that he has a great appreciation for President and Sister Ivory.

-Alex said that he picked up some cooking skills from Elder Miller, who had lived on his own prior to going on his mission.  His favorite thing he learned was to cook a chicken at the beginning of the week and then de-bone it and use it in meals the rest of the week.  He says he loves to make rice bowls for lunch with chicken and sweet chili sauce.

-He gets about $250 each month to spend.  This covers his utilities (rent is already paid for), food, public transportation, and anything else he needs.  He said it is always plenty.  He loves that he is learning to pay bills and budget.

-He shared that he is having a hard time with an investigator that is no longer interested in learning more about the church.  He said that it has caused him to reflect on his own baptism.  He's learning patience.

-Alex shared that he thinks about Elder Day EVERY SINGLE DAY!!  While getting emotional, Alex said, "Elder Day has shaped me into who I am."  He said he had a dream this past week that Elder Day was way skinnier.

-He said he feels our prayers every day.

-He might have also said that we are the best parents ever!

-He closed with telling the family that we are SO lucky because we can be together forever!  "Always remember that we love each other.   You are all the best!"


  1. Really enjoyed this post. Alex is an amazing singer with his companion. We pray for him daily! - Matt

  2. I love that you took notes during your visit. Remembering every thing you talk about is such a treasure.

  3. Such sweet things. What a neat experience for your family.