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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Two phrases that will change your life!

And... that is a wrap! My first transfer in Craiova has come to a close. The past six weeks have been some of the best of the mission. Elder Miller and I truly worked hard and enjoyed every moment. 
The best transfer yet

Notice in the back... an old baba walking down the hill with crutches... crazy

This week was one of the slower of this transfer but still full of tender mercies and wonderful experiences. I thought a lot this week about my call to me a full-time servant of the Lord. I had so many experiences and great mentors before my mission that helped prepare me for this great journey. For that, I am grateful to each one of you. During these past eight months (uhhhh where did the time go???) The Lord has blessed me with other experiences, some devastating, some challenging, and others joyous... but all of them have truly blessed me for my good.
Elder Miller

Good thing the sign is in English!

One day during senior year of seminary, we were studying the Old Testament as a class, Poppy came to visit and taught our class. Two phrases that he talked about have stuck with me and particularly made an impact this week.
English Park

I love Craiova!!

"God loves us." "He does nothing save it be for our benefit" I have seen these words come to life as I look back at my struggles and victories since being here in Romania. One thing is for sure, this work is guided by the Lord, and my mission president is divinely directed as to where missionaries should serve. Arad was definitely the hardest part of my mission. Homesickness, lack of self-identity as a missionary, struggling with the culture, and probably the biggest trial, losing Elder Day. 

I remember the feelings I had, and a lot of them I would not really like to go back and replay. My all time low was when I prayed to know if God really does love me. I remember feeling so alone and useless. The Lord refines us in degrees, pound after pound. One thing is for certain- the way we handle situations in the present will effect our lives in the future. I have learned to rely on the Lord when there is no one else to give me comfort. That was one of the greatest lessons I think I could ever learn, and pray that I will continue to humble myself and practice this during my whole life. 
Happy Elder Ditto

This experience with feeling hopeless, and losing Elder Day turned out to be a story that affected one of my investigators. She felt like her relationship with God hasn't been growing, even though she is trying, and that she wants to wait till she feels like "us" (meaning full of the spirit and truly happy), before she will get baptized. Up until that point of the lesson, I had been struggling with what to tell her, and felt like I wasn't really meeting her needs. Then, that story came to my remembrance and felt prompted to share my story with her. This was such a powerful experience, and the spirit truly did manifest the truthfulness of what I was testifying of. 

When I ended the story, there was a silence in the room, and our friend was wiping her tears off her face. As I thought about her, and how badly I wanted her to accept the truth and to make the sacrifices necessary to reap the infinite blessings that come from following Jesus Christ's restored gospel... I had a moment where I wasn't on my mission, but looking back at when I was a missionary. 

At that moment, the whole scene of my work as a missionary kind of came together. Here I am, a little 18 year old dude, no where near perfect, and filled with weaknesses, proclaiming God's love to His daughter. And his spirit was in the room. Woah. That just overwhelmed me and I shed a few tears, as I realized how weak and small I am, but how God has qualified me, turning my weaknesses into strengths through his power.  

Ether 12:27 And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.

I am so humbled to be about the errand of the Lord. Every day I see evidence of the reality of the truthfulness of God's power on this earth. My assignment to serve the people of Romania was not just an assignment from the leaders of our church, but a divine calling from my Heavenly Father to minister to His beloved children... because He does nothing save it be for the benefit of them" 
A youth group walk

Casa Poporului

Pday with Vali

I pray that we will all continue in faith, and humble ourselves enough to let the grace of God guide us in our paths, and help others along the way. 
Our beginner English class

A nice train in Bucharest - on my way for transfers
Our last pic as comps 😢

This is my life right now. Everyday something like this seems to happen. My joy is full as I am helping others come unto the fold, helping them learn more about their divine heritage and destiny as children of God! 

All my love, 


PS. Talk to you all in 6 days!!!
So glad I got to see Elder Baker! Best buds for life!

Met some Chinese people... had to get a pic!

Elder Baker awaiting for an opportunity to fulfill his dream...
My brothas

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  1. Love your experiences with the Spirit, with your companions, and with your investigators. Thanks for sharing!