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Elder Alex McLean Ditto

Romania/Moldova Mission
Bdul. Primaveril Nr. 19-21 Et.1 #13
Sector 1
011972 Bucharest

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Hey Mom and Dad!!!

Well, I'm safely here in the MTC! I already had a little exposure to Romanian, and even though I feel like I'm back in Spanish 101 as I can pick up bits and pieces of the words, but most of the time I had like no. clue! Our teacher seems really awesome and he mainly only speaks Romanian but that is the best way to learn!!

Leah and Geoff took me to J-Dawgs before I arrived, and then they dropped me off and I had my own little cheaffeur who took my bags for me! Immediately I got the shivers. The spirit is so dang strong here and I am so excited to get started with the mish!!! Everyone is so friendly and I have already heard "Welcome to the MTC" like a thousand times hahahaha. So I decided to start saying it to the newbies too haha.

I am in a three-some- Varstincul (pronounced voorsteenkool) Baker and Loder! They seem really awesome and I'm excited to get to know them! 

I was really glad that we said goodbye before I got to the MTC- it would have been way harder saying goodbye here. 

I love you guys so much, tell all the kids hi for me and that they are awesome!!!

Talk to you guys soon!!!!

Varstincul Ditto

Cousin Kate, Aunt Leah and Uncle Geoff

Farewell picture in front of Provo Temple

108 lbs of Goodness!!!

I had my own personal chauffeur that helped me with my luggage and took me right into the MTC for my first stage of my mission.

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